CounterAct Cybersecurity Group

Managed Service Providers​

MSPs and their critical infrastructure are squarely in the crosshairs of today’s cybercriminals. Not only is your MSP a prime target, it also is increasingly seen by threat actors as a gateway to your customers’ networks and sensitive data. We can help.

Protect yourself and your customers from cyber threats.

At CounterAct, our highly qualified, certified cybersecurity experts have exceptional insight into the MSP ecosystem and its challenges, especially when it comes to protecting you and your clients from information security threats. We help you navigate the cyber battlefield with a disciplined, deliberate and informed approach where the first step – protecting your own house – is as important as the outcome.

Our rigorous, comprehensive strategy encompasses intelligence gathering to help you understand your information security risk and vulnerabilities; security operations that help you protect your business and customers; and ongoing training, advising and management to ensure that you are always prepared to fight the fight against constantly evolving cyberthreats.

Our highly sought-after consultants are ready to transform your MPS into a Secure MSP (s-MSP). Learn more about our MSP to s-MSP Transformation Services here.

Contact us today to learn how our experts can help you:

  • Protect your and your customers’ systems and critical data

  • Defend your hard-won business reputation

  • Avoid costly lawsuits and data recovery processes

  • Take the steps required to become an s-MSP